Friday, April 21, 2017

Busted Toilet Seat Hinges

The hinges on the toilet seat broke yesterday. I kinda knew it was coming since the same thing had happened on the other toilet last year. I went to Ace Hardware to pick up a metal hinge replacement kit but they no longer carried the one I got last time. Instead all they had was a cheap bright-white plastic one. Our toilet is more beige than white so I passed. Apparently it's good that I did because I wasn't able to remove one of the hinges from the toilet seat due to the screws being old and rusted so I couldn't have replaced the hinge anyway. Looks like I'll need to buy a whole new seat.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Slidin' Shingles

Yesterday our next door neighbor stopped over to let me know a couple of our concrete shingles had come loose and slide down, exposing the inside of the attic, so after I finished lunch I went up on the roof and slid them back into place. It was raining part of the time and it didn't go quick as I had to chip away a lot of the old hardened adhesive stuff so that I could slide them up as far as they needed to go. I checked the rest of the roof and found two more tiles that had slid out of place so I had to do those as well. I used some caulking as a temporary adhesive and sealant until I get a chance to purchase the real stuff.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Pull Cord Busted

The pull cord for my recliner broke this morning, and fixing it was no easy task. Thankfully I had a spare cord which I had previously bought just for the handle, but getting it installed was a huge pain. I had to pretty much disconnect the entire arm of the couch in order to get access to where the pull cord is connected so that I could remove and replace, and there was very little room to work in so using tools to get the bolts and screws removed was very challenging. It took half the day but I eventually got it done. I sure hope the replacement pull cord lasts a while because I don't want to go through that again anytime soon.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Microwave Repaired-ish

The microwave repair guy came by this afternoon to fix our over-the-range microwave oven. He had previously ordered the parts so today was just about installing them. Getting it down was a minor pain as the bottom right corner was having a hard time releasing from the bracket. Once he got it down he removed the part that needed to replaced, and one screw decided to fall and get wedged somewhere such that it wouldn't fall out even after shaking the microwave. He eventually got it and got the new part put in, and then noticed a couple of moderately deep scratches on our Corion countertop. He was frustrated that he caused that and apologetic. He gave me a number I need to call to have someone come out and buff out the scratches.

Finally it was time to put the microwave back. The two screws that hold it in place were hard to twist in. I offered my drill which helped very briefly due to the battery not being charged enough. His drill was too tall to fit. He couldn't get the right screw in and it seemed to have gotten stripped so he just ordered a new top which comes with new screws. So the microwave works but it doesn't look pretty. Once the new parts arrive we'll set up another appointment and get it securely bolted and looking like it used to.

We tried to use the heater tonight, the first time since it was repaired, and after clicking on for a few seconds it failed to begin heating. So I guess tomorrow I'll be calling Service 1 Heating & Air Conditioning and have them someone back out.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Heater Repair

Yesterday the heater repair guy came to look at our non-functioning heater. It turned out that some part had overheated which triggered a switch that needed to be manually reset. But instead of just resetting it, he was kind enough to completely replace it with a switch that would automatically reset itself should it ever happen again, thus I wouldn't need to climb up into the attic, unbolt the side panel, and stick my arm inside a dark piece of equipment. He didn't have the switch on him so he had to go get it. He also gave us a new disposable air filter to replace the reusable one we've had for years.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Jury Duty Concludes

It was raining on the drive to the courthouse for jury duty this morning, and also on the walk to the courthouse. I didn't have an umbrella, just a jacket and a hoodie, so I kept my head down while I walked and got a bit wet. We continued our deliberation, going over the murder charge more, and ended up finishing at 10:30am. When everyone was back in the courtroom our verdict was read out loud and we each had to confirm the verdict.

Now that the case is over I can open up about some of the details. Tyler Christopher Schweizer was charged with vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence and second degree murder for killing Wallace "Pete" Shelton on February 11, 2015 when his red pickup collided with Mr. Shelton's white pickup at the intersection of Highway 273 and Thomas Road. Schweizer's defense attorney conceded the manslaughter charge in both his opening statement and his closing argument but argued that Mr. Schweizer actions did not constitute second degree murder.

I had kept an open mind throughout the entire trial. Once it ended and we entered the deliberation room I still did not have a decision in mind regarding the murder charge. We started discussing the manslaughter charge first since that one seemed much easier. We ignored the fact that the defense attorney conceded that charge, but all the evidence presented made it very clear that he was guilty.

The murder charge took much longer to decide as it had to do with his knowledge and state of mind at the time. We went through all the evidence multiple times, the witness statements, the photographs, the diagrams, and even had the testimony of the only actual eye witness to the collision read back to us. We also went over each of the points needed to prove second degree murder many times, breaking down the wording and meaning behind it, and how they applied to this case.

We had a great jury foreperson that helped make sure everything was gone through multiple times, that everyone had a chance to voice their concerns and opinions, and that all perspectives were covered. I also felt that we had a very fine group of people in our jury. Some of them had gotten to know each other during the lunch breaks, but being shy I ended up not getting to know them until we entered into deliberations. It seemed to me that everyone was being fair, considered all the evidence, and did not rush to judgment. Nobody in our jury tried to convince anyone else to think the same way they did. If someone expressed concern over a specific area then we would all discuss that and look at it from different perspectives. Should I ever find myself in the position of needing a jury, I would accept this one in a heartbeat.

After the verdict was read and we were dismissed, some of the ladies went out for lunch at Mary's Pizza Shack. They invited me along and I accepted, because it felt good to be out of the house and interacting socially. Plus, our heater is broken and it's like 60 degrees outside so I was in no rush to go home. Dee was nice enough to give me a ride since I am not familiar with the downtown area and had no idea where the restaurant was. One of the alternate jurors met us there and we all had a nice lunch and discussed the case. I was still fairly quite but I did make an effort to speak up a few times.

I didn't enjoy waking up early, and finding a man guilty of second degree murder was no easy feat, but overall I did enjoy my jury experience and am glad I didn't try to get out of it. Who knows, maybe the next time I receive a jury summons I won't throw my head back and groan loudly in annoyance.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Kong: Skull Island

Yesterday we went to see Kong: Skull Island with our friends, Ray and Dawn. We saw it in 3D, and like most movies I see in 3D I barely noticed any of the 3D elements. I notice them only in the very beginning and then I just kind of get used to it and stop noticing. But the movie was good. At least, we all enjoyed it. I liked it more than Peter Jackson's King Kong and way more than 2015's Godzilla reboot, which happens to take place within the same universe Kong: Skull Island. Most of the human characters could have used more development, and more to do, but there was a lot of Kong action and all that was fantastic.